Facebook utente disapprovazione

Although the information on the Internet about it are already numerous, I often find myself explaining to others how to understand if a Facebook profile is fake.
Despite being the end of 2013, it is normal that not all are experts in certain subjects.
I gave a brief reading some of the posts already exist in the network, but many I did not like. Treat the subject in a way too long, too synthetic, too trivial, or just lie on websites that appear as Christmas trees decorated by advertising and everything else.
Then I will give below a brief summary of the essential points through which recognize fake users on Facebook.
I confess, I should not have, but in the past sometimes I added them just for the fun of it behind them.
They do not occur if the person they’ve added, for example, has created the first website similar to Facebook in 2002.
On the other hand in life always goes like that: who want to be clever have then to realize that really capable people are actually unexpectedly those who everyone believed they had opposite characteristics easily.

To understand if the person who sends us the friend request on Facebook is a fake user you need to examine some of the characteristics of the profile. Some of them are almost certainly a signal that it is a fake, while others may also be attributable to real users.
If you look at it clearly enough then it will become almost trivial to realize that you have not faced a real person.

Mostly the fake profiles are of course beautiful women, but can also be men. They often have only the profile picture that represents a person, but it’s not sure, because there are real people who do the same or even do not publish photos that represent them.
Same thing goes for the fact that every picture does not represent them, but it concerns an event or other stuff.
If, however, in the few pictures that represent them we can recognize different person, although similar, for example, several girls that are not really the same person, or else, the photos are all very small, then it is almost certainly a fake.
Between brackets, for the uninitiated people, and there are many: to pretend to be another person or to use pictures of other people can lead to, in a nutshell, the police to make “knock knock” on your shoulder.
I can tell you clearly, given that in the past, cause fake users present on my websites similar to Facebook I helped police as required by the script.
Fake users often have thousands and thousands friends, maybe they are at the 5000 limit, because the person or company that creates the fake profile often has the purpose of having a list of contacts big as possible to exploit it for marketing and advertising.
Also this is not sure, because few real people have thousands of friends cause many reasons.
Another salient feature of the fake profiles is the suspected inactivity on their wall, apart events or other published specifically and especially many people who are grateful for having had the friendship. This combination distinguishes them from real users, that however, choose not to publish almost anything on their board.

There are those who suggest using software programs to automatically analyze your Facebook looking for fake users, but personally I would avoid and I would trust your common sense and to that of Facebook.
Note fact that Facebook currently checking some profiles and official pages of famous people or companies, then placing in their profile a special blue label.
Another accessory trick is to search with Google for the name and surname, nick or the pics, using Google Images and loading such as the suspect profile photo.
This process can help, but does not necessarily lead to a certain result and this should be used with due criterion.
Pay attention because of the possible scope of a user is not only false advertising, marketing or spam. There are also, for other examples, those who want to spy on you or even those who want to take possession of your profile, maybe using the mechanism of trusted friends.

So, before you give friendship to anyone on Facebook, try to check with who you are dealing in relation to the philosophy adopted for this purpose.
Also remember that your privacy on the Internet, and especially on Facebook is a mere illusion about which the maximum you can do is to protect yourself with prevention mechanisms that works only with those who are sufficiently ignorant or impotent
Maybe I will write on this topic in a more accurate way in the future, however, then if you want that people can’t know or can’t see something, don’t publish it on Internet at all, or else, possibly even better, keep it to yourself and bring it till the grave.
This is, and this will remain, the only way, on the Internet and in life.