i like to do it on girls facebook status

i like to do it on girls facebook status

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Click on the image  to view the video. (the video is in italian language)

Yes, I agree with them and the problem is that many people do not even have understood their video.

But let’s take a quick step backward / resume.
Since some days, girls / women on Facebook in Italy are writing in their status a phrase like “Mi piace sul…” (I like to do it on…), on the couch, on the chair, on the floor… and bla bla bla!

Now, of course it is and even as also happened last year, when they write the color of bra, there is always someone who falls like a cooked pear.
Ah… I often call them “stupidscatcher phrases” or also “pseudo web for stupid flies”.
If you’re offended, I’m sorry, learn some obvious game of life and think about it next time.

But… this is not the main point.
Infact the worst thing is the reason that would not only justify, but also to ennoble this wise… beh, phrase?
Hear hear, this would have to fight cancer, breast in this case.

The aim is “to spread the message,” as much as possible.
Too bad that, back to the start of this post, the best result is that someone joked with trite observations / pseudoconversation oriented to malice, since this “viral communication of the case” has precisely this purpose.
With obvious and simple fun of certain people who are covered in pure style “sheep” to the nth chain letter.

For heaven’s sake… oh what a beautiful game… oh how many very nice fish, we end up in… ullallà!
Too bad that in general, instead of informing and raising awareness for cancer, has released almost a joke to amuse a girl act in front of the easy sexual fantasies / curiosity (to be more gentle) of turn chicken.

Oh, it’s hard to tell who the real chicken here between the two contenders.
But luckily, as these two guys in the video, I also know girls who have not joined the clowns and they think that this is not the right way to achieve the noble goal charge.

It would perhaps be better to spread in your Facebook status directly link this http://www.nastrorosa.it.
Or a nice video that quickly and effectively illustrates a case of breast cancer, you know, like some shocking video on the smoke.

I am not angry with others, in the end everyone uses its resources, and makes use of knowledge he possesses.
And speaking of ignorance … The next time someone shoots a stupidscatcher sentence, of any kind, I recommend eeehhh, if you must shoot your … do it with wisdom!