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english flag

For a long time, months, years, I thought to create a parallel version of this site in English.
Given the success it has had, thousands of hits a day, I felt that this was the time to start.

After some days while I was working to this thing, today this website is ready: now we can write in other languages, but for now obviously we start with english language.

I’ll start trying to translate my posts.
I’m rusty, because after my english exam for the faculty of engineering several years ago, I didn’t have to exercise and even improve this language, except for sporadic and normal everyday occasions and holidays in case of foreign nations.

But we are organizing, just so.
I’m considering people who could translate in a professional manner even the old posts and not just new ones.

In the meantime, it will be a wonderful experiment that will give an opportunity essential to share our thoughts with the world.

Languages, like other things, are part of a variety that in our world is good and necessary, but in some cases are also an obvious obstacle.
With the Internet we can now share information around the world in an instant.
The overall growth that comes from this is enormous.
But it would be even more if we could all understand each other instantly.

In the future this will be quite possible in one way or another.
Just think of the progress made in the field of automated and  instantly translation.
Not to mention that we know as today for the world english language is something as official language.

But still, take the case of the Italians, for various reasons we are rather ignorant about it.
When we search something on Google, we search it in italian language.
When we install a software we search for italian language… and so on…
There is nothing wrong with that, but think of a thing…
When you are searching something in italian language and you not find it, you try to search it with english language, for example… now imagine that everyone in the world when writing something on a blog or on Facebook they do it with the language you are using while you are searching…
You would have much more information including search!

This does not happen again!
So if a chinese man in Shangai is searching for something with english language, he doesn’t find for sure what an italian man in Rome was thinking in his language, and vice versa.
But what if the post writed by the italian guy could be the solution for the chinese man of Shangai?

That’s the point and not at all trivial, but I am confident that in future these limits will be looked at as a trivial thing of the past.
And people will say “Think to people in 2010 who had to translate, they do not understand each other … haha can you imagine?”.

Finally the important aspect of their knowledge, to the democratic debate of ideas, facts, whatever.
No more niches and boundaries, but complete and instantaneous global communication.

This does not mean that we must have all one language… because as I said, different languages are something wonderful, beautiful, useful.
We just need to go beyond the limits we set for ourselves, for example, knowing very well all another language such as English.
Or as I said, have systems that translate neatly and instantly what the other people says in his language, even if the status of Facebook.

Think you can not? But I think it can be a matter of very little time.

But for now, today starts here, practicing, translating these posts.
Because if many people have written to thank us for our thoughts available to them, many more could ever do by taking advantage of if we will do it in another language that everyone is trying to use in the world!

Anyone interested in work or work in this regard can contact us freely, why not hide it… here we are growing and we are proud about this!