google chrome malware advice

Let’s play a little game: I don’t say names.
Although, I tell you, you can easily get to everything.
Eh, otherwise there is no fun.
For everything there is a reason. And among other, since this seems to be the era in which to make pseudo sagacious goes out of style, whether or not like some  TV series as Doctor House, I’m starting to think to take the field, nay, in some ways, come back, me too.
So “we have fun”. Eh. Why in general, you have to know that in  certain case with me, “we have a lot of fun”.
Meanwhile, as you see, “I come back” to writing.
And here is therefore the story of the mysterious case.

Some days ago, during my consonant, as well as daily tour of the newspaper websites, or if you want, of on-line newspaper, I start to read a post.
Yes, because you know that today, on the same newspaper website, you can find various blogs held by journalists or not. So, posts and articles coexist.
Nothing new, eventually. Probably a mere and obvious extension of the fact that the newspapers will disappear and become content accessible via the Internet.
N.B.: do not ever think that I am against, on the contrary, I’m usually on the opposite side. Yes.

But here, after a while I’m reading this post I am bored already, because the interesting posts, at least for my taste, are few, I admit it.
As I admit that I love to know who is writing.
In short, yes, if there is a profile I’m going to read it on the website, and I explor as I can and until I want.
I don’t know, I think, however, has its own utility to know who is writing, or maybe I’m just very curious!

In this case the author says he has a blog.
So I immediately visit it! But the enthusiasm is immediately transformed into a mixture of annoyance, amazement and disappointment.
This is because Google Chrome, the browser that I prefer actually, it doesn’t let me to see the blog website.
Reason: no, it’s not Chrome not working, simply he advice me that watching that website I could take a malware.
To put it in a nutshell: pay attention, because if you visit that website, your computer can take a virus, so, better to don’t watch it.

No. I don’t think this advice it’s a nuisance. On the contrary. I think that it’s a useful thing “for the people”.
But the central point of all, but just about everything, is not this.
Is that with people, in general, a bit as a company or a trader with customers, you appear in a bad light, if you say that you have a blog, perhaps on an online newspaper among the most popular and then, in some way something doesn’t work in your website.
You know well that today every little fault is made to stand out and move at the speed of light, or better, of Internet

In these cases the hives, as well as the instinct to help others, to put it nicely, assail me.
And so, in some way I contact who wrote the post, as well owner of the blog, to advice about the problem.
N.B.: with other browsers, as Firefox or Explorer, maybe the problem does not occur, but this, is not a good thing, on the contrary, perché because if your computer take a virus then you only get pissed of.

In the specific case Google noted that in reality, is not exactly that website, the blog, that contain the malware, but it’s marked as dangerous, because it integrates content that are part of another web site, and it is the latter, that Google identifies as the real culprit.
The blog, which among other things has been done on one of the many automated services to create prefabricated websites , in fact the only fault to contain inside track  of the guilty website, which in turn seems to be a kind of “homemade feed aggregator”.

And then, morality is simply, if you’re foo with the website under the butcher’s house about nobody cares or if you’re a celebrity who writes a blog for a famous newspaper, do housework!
That is, it takes just a little today to keep a good health website.
It’s true that the time is always missing, that we want to do other things and blà blà blà and also riblà!
It happens to me too, as it happens to everyone, but as for cleaning the house it takes just a moment sometimes.
That little attention, definitely proportionate as the case, that you avoid to get under a bad and sad light. Because this is the truth: if you want to have an on-line presence, you have to take care of this presence.
It’s your extension from the real world to the virtual world.
And if are a stranger, ora a famous person, a small shop or a large company, there is nothing to do, you will be judged for that too, for your website, your Facebook page and so on.
So, take care about this fact and pay attention to what you have on-line in proportion to your needs and your desires.

Remember that, if you have an ugly website, old, that doesn’t work or even that can transmit computer viruses, is certainly not a nice business card.
People are getting more hasty and merciless in the face of certain things, especially towards the online world. On the first thing that doesn’t work, poeple often divert to other stuff or they mark you automatically and immediately as something to be discarded.
And unfortunately once you have a name, you’ve made and impression, is always hard to change opinion.

The existing websites, or at least those of a certain type, are almost all based on automatic systems.
Check that everything is then affixed to the system or service that you are using and make updates if necessary.
You will see that it is like any other thing, just a little maintenance every now and then.
“I know, I knoow, I knooow!”, as the good old dear in the Cloud Atlas movie.
That to me is the best character and I love quote.
I have dwelt, but in truth there is a lot more to say about this story. I’ll tell you, perhaps, in other future posts. Also, if you want, to protect the unsuspecting protagonists.
So you might say. At least for now. Amen!