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“But how will we do with the silences, short contacts that say a thousand words?”
“We have to remember that pain is a measure of attachment.”
“Sow pieces of heart in the heart of the people we love, letting it flourish and bear fruits apart. Of which we will not know.”

A mix of phrases that I read and of music I was listening to.
I liked them and I have associated them together in that moment.

The post from which it derives phrases, from the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, is the following:

The music is Oberkorn, dei Depeche Mode.
To see the video and to listen to it, click on the image.

Like balls in a pinball

We are like balls in a pinball.
We are many, we move continuously.
We don’t know who we will meet.
Unaware that at any time a flipper can strike us.
Suffering teaches silence and patience to someone.
Someone learned to be satisfied.
And someone else chases for eternity,
what they will not have ever.

From my post on Instagram.

I’ve taken this pic with my mobile to a primula on one of terraces of my house.