english flag

english flag

For a long time, months, years, I thought to create a parallel version of this site in English.
Given the success it has had, thousands of hits a day, I felt that this was the time to start.

After some days while I was working to this thing, today this website is ready: now we can write in other languages, but for now obviously we start with english language.

I’ll start trying to translate my posts.
I’m rusty, because after my english exam for the faculty of engineering several years ago, I didn’t have to exercise and even improve this language, except for sporadic and normal everyday occasions and holidays in case of foreign nations.

But we are organizing, just so.
I’m considering people who could translate in a professional manner even the old posts and not just new ones.

In the meantime, it will be a wonderful experiment that will give an opportunity essential to share our thoughts with the world.

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