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“But how will we do with the silences, short contacts that say a thousand words?”
“We have to remember that pain is a measure of attachment.”
“Sow pieces of heart in the heart of the people we love, letting it flourish and bear fruits apart. Of which we will not know.”

A mix of phrases that I read and of music I was listening to.
I liked them and I have associated them together in that moment.

The post from which it derives phrases, from the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, is the following:

The music is Oberkorn, dei Depeche Mode.
To see the video and to listen to it, click on the image.

Like balls in a pinball

We are like balls in a pinball.
We are many, we move continuously.
We don’t know who we will meet.
Unaware that at any time a flipper can strike us.
Suffering teaches silence and patience to someone.
Someone learned to be satisfied.
And someone else chases for eternity,
what they will not have ever.

From my post on Instagram.

I’ve taken this pic with my mobile to a primula on one of terraces of my house.

Larch forest in the dolomites

Larch forest in the dolomites

Some days ago on Facebook I control notifications from the page that I’ve created for my mother Rita Maria Zampini as painter.
On the wall of the page I see some messages from an user that is trying to contact her.
My mother, cause age or other reasons can’t use Internet so much, although she can use the email.
I usually administrate her website and the other Internet stuff, like Facebook, on which I just created that page.

This user, a man who seems originally from Sri Lanka, says that he’s a painter too and he will have an exhibition at Prato, in Piazza Mercatale.
He found my mother on Facebook, thanks to the page I’ve created, he saw her paintings and he would meet her to know and show each other their works, taking counsel each other.

With the proper dose of skepticism mixed with a hint of optimism I write to him a message and I start to talk with him.
We add each other on Facebook like friends and I explain to him that he will have to explain his intentions and refer to me, even because he can speak some English, language that my mother doesn’t know.

Thus, he explain that he will be guest of his sister, that is living yet at Prato with her family since some years ago and that he would so my mother will come to his exhibition.
I make sure to tell me when and where the exhibition will be and I wrtite that I will comunicate all information to my mother that if she can she will come to the exhibition.

Next few days me and my mother taked a look to the few pictures about the painter works on his Facebook profile, paintings that I appreciated too thanks to the beautiful colors.
The Sri Lanka painters, write us details about his exhibition and I confirm to him that my mother probably will come.

And so, my mother went to this exhibition, she saw the works of this painter, they had a meeting and when my parents come back home I understand  that it was a pleasure for everybody.

They told me that he’s trying, as his sister, to live here, to sell his works and to learn our language thanks to a course organized by a church.

I told you this story to show a typical example of positive Internet use, a good example of Facebook use.
Unfortunately sometimes we can still listen to some news about some bad experience, but as I told so many times and I continue to repeat, is not the fault of the medium.
We have created it, the human being creates it, and the human being must try to use it to get a better life, that it is a mobile phone, a car or a website.
The most diverse situations, like people with good or bad intentions are everywhere, the network is just an extension of reality that amplifies certain aspects in relation to the possibility of communication, of sharing, and then the exchange of information in a lapse of time less than.

Make the most of it, think about it, try to get the best with with your experience and your intelligence.
Do not jump without thinking, but do not even think too much, do it well, just enough, be open mind, be critical, be awake.

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